Seed Library & Community Gardens

Gladstone Regional Libraries – Seed Library & Community Gardens

What is it?

The Seed Library contains a collection of seeds that we “lend” to members of Gladstone Regional Libraries. Seeds can be borrowed from any of the Gladstone Regional Libraries branches.


How does it work?

Members of Gladstone Regional Libraries borrow seeds for free, they plant them, tend to their crops, collect the seeds, and then deliver some seeds to the library.

The return for this long-term loan is some seeds from the yield not fresh produce. The new seeds are then made available for library members to “borrow” and plant.

As an example: you borrow watermelon seeds, grow them, harvest them, and as you eat the watermelon you collect the seeds; then you take the seeds to the library.  

At the bottom of this page we have some information brochures about gardening. 


Seed Donations:

The library is happy to accept donations of seeds. You will be required to fill in a seed donation form with as much detail about the plant(s) as possible.

Gladstone Regional Council is not accountable for the content of seed donations or any errors in the accompanying information.


Library Community Gardens:

Gardens are a place of rest and regeneration, and an oasis from our technology focused world. Library gardens are not only a great way to liven up an area, they also provide opportunities to replenish stock for seed libraries, share the bounty with local communities, and as spaces for play-based learning.



The Calliope Library Garden was created at the front of the building to transform the under-utilised grass area into a community garden, which will support the Seed Library collection.

Gladstone City Library has a community garden on the patio (accessible from inside the building) and a worm farm; please only feed the worms the foods recommended on the posters.

Anyone can visit the gardens and have a look at the plants and produce, but you will need to join Gladstone Regional Libraries to participate in the Seed Library.


Gardening Information :

Click on an image below to open, or download, an information brochure. Each brochure contains information about the Seed Library, basic gardening information, and curriculum ideas to help teachers and parents encourage and inspire their children’s interest in nature.