Seed Library and Community Gardens

Gladstone Regional Seed Library

Started at the Calliope Library several years ago, the Gladstone Regional Library Seed Library project now spans the entire region.

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What is a Seed Library?

A seed library collection is where the library lends seeds instead of books.

Step 1 – “Borrow” seeds for free

Step 2 – Plant and tend to your crops

Step 3 – The return on this long-term loan is not fresh produce but instead return some seeds from the yield. These seeds are then made available for members to plant next season.

The type of seeds available varies at each location and depending on season but the four main types of seeds are Australian Natives, Flowers, Fruit & Vege and Herbs and easily identifiable by their packet symbols.

Australian Natives
Fruit & Vege


With the growing popularity of the Gladstone Seed Library there more places than ever to borrow from including:

  • Agnes Water Library
  • Boyne Island Library
  • Calliope Library
  • Gladstone City Library
  • Miriam Vale Library
  • Mount Larcom Library
  • Philip Street Family Precinct

Seed Donations

The library is happy to accept donations of seeds. You will be required to fill in a seed donation form with as much detail about the plant(s) as possible.

Gladstone Regional Council is not accountable for the content of seed donations or any errors in the accompanying information.