Young People

Children, Teens, & Young Adults

Gladstone Regional Libraries provides information, resources, and programs for young people of all ages; starting from birth with the First 5 Forever programs. Check out our school holiday activities and after-school programs too!

Young people can access some Assignment & Homework Help information or explore options for what to read next with online reviews/books/magazines and eKids digital resources

Our eLibrary has ebooks, e-audiobooks, videos, training courses, and literacy help – it’s much more than books.

Try our eKids page for information about reading and online resources.


To help you and your family stay safe online we’ve provided a link to the eSafety Commissioner site – click/tap the white button (available on some of our library webpages). Or go directly to the eSafe Kids page.


Kindergo is a reading app to help children develop their literacy skills. Read picture books, play learning games, or share stories on the app. Access is provided free, until 1st December 2020, to all residents of Queensland courtesy of the First 5 Forever program. 

You don’t need to be a library member; just register online and download the app. Click here to register for Kindergo and to find out more information from the State Library of Queensland website or open the Kindergo Guide.

First 5 Forever and programs for children 5 years and under.

The first5forever website has lots of information about interacting with children aged five and under; including reviews and recommendations for book and activities. There are articles and videos to help you with your interaction with 0-5 year olds. Discover ways to help young children learn and develop via talking, playing, singing, and reading.

Gladstone Regional Libraries’ branches all provide materials and programs especially for children aged 5 and under; click here for information about our library programs.  We also provide toys and puzzles for young children to play with in the libraries to make each visit an experience of fun and learning!