Readers' Corner

Check out the websites below to help you find your next great read! Choose a link to take a mystery tour, browse award winners or read about popular choices.


Do you want to find the next book in the series?  

Would you like to know who wrote that title?

Or are you seeking new things to read?  


Browse our list of websites that may help you find your new favourite book of all time!


AustLit: AustLit’s mission is to be the definitive information resource and research environment for Australian literary, print, and narrative cultures. AustLit is brought to you by The University of Queensland in collaboration with academic, library, education and research organisations.

Children’s Book Week awards Australian Children’s Book Week began in 1952 and this site lists all the winners and notables for every year since.

Fantastic fiction: A great site for listings of an author’s published works, especially useful for identifying series.

Good Reading Podcast – listen to interviews with well-known authors.

Good Reading Magazine – read about Australian and international authors and books.

Good Reading for Young Adults

Good Reading for Kids

Good Reads Find out what other people are reading, read their reviews and browse the subject list on this site for all things literary.

Library Thing: A community for book lovers, where you can even catalogue your books!

Stop you’re killing me! A resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy and suspense books.

Top 10s: The Guardian’s lists of top 10 books (all different subjects).