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Adult and Young Adult Fiction

Hitler’s Zeitmaschine by Brian Farber is a fast-paced, time travel, alternative history novel.

Negotiating the complexities of time travel, Hartmann found more than information about weapons of the future. He determined the Führer’s ultimate fate … and he found love. Hartmann had to choose between his own future happiness and a course that would change the world. He chose the path that led to his evolving humanity and ultimate redemption, and by challenging Hitler’s evil intent, has left us all with a legacy that to this day still awaits the appreciation and gratitude of humankind.

Hitler’s Zeitmaschine can be purchased for $30 from Gladstone City Library.

Antecedent is a time-travel romance by DL Gallie.

“Nate Winters loved Bailey Beckett from the moment he laid eyes on her, and she loved him fiercely, with all her heart. Together, their journey for eternity was mapped out, but one person held the power to alter their future…William Clayton. William held a profound hatred for Nate and would do anything to see him suffer; even use Bailey in his crusade to torment Nate. Will the love between Nate and Bailey stand the test of time? Or is William going to finally get his revenge, and the girl? For a love that transcends time, anything is possible.”

This book can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20

The Liquor Cabinet Series combines four novels and a short story by DL Gallie.

These suspenseful, contemporary romances will take you on a journey through the ups and downs of Mackenzie Merlot’s relationships. Find out what happens to Kenzie and other characters throughout the series in Malt Me, Tequila Healing, Wine Not, and The Last Shot; plus the short story Daiquiri Dreams.

This book can be purchased from Gladstone Library for $45

Serena and her friends head off on a much needed, girls’ only getaway to celebrate their graduation from college. They plan for a week of relaxation, dancing, cocktails, and tanning; but no guys. That all changes when she spies sexy as sin Blake Bateman before their flight even leaves the ground. Serena begins a week long fling with Blake, but when feelings start to develop, the lines become blurred. Will it just be a holiday hook up? Or did they find something special? Something worth fighting for? What happens in Oasis, stays at Oasis…or does it?

Oasis is part of DL Gallie’s Castaway Grove Collection. The book is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20.

In an instant, Emerson’s life implodes. To cope, she sets off on an adventure and along the way, she finds herself in the sights of arrogant, obnoxious, and oh so sexy Chase. He wasn’t in the plan. Chase knows the sting of loss. For years, the pain of his regret and guilt have led him into the beds of countless women. When Emerson comes into his life, he’s powerless against the draw of this lil’ spitfire who seems to have no interest in him. Can Chase convince Emerson to take a leap and begin to heal? Or will her second chance at love slip away?

Out of Nowhere is a contemporary romance by DL Gallie; available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20.

It was only meant to be a one-night fling for Bryce and Hayden, but when one night wasn’t enough, they agreed to seven more.  A week was all it took for the shy florist and the ruggedly handsome rig worker to know they needed more. It seemed simple enough, but the danger lurking in the shadows threatened their future. They hoped to have forever, but they found out the hard way forever wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

DL Gallie’s contemporary romance Seven Nights is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20.

Dry Crossing, a gothic romance, tells the story of Dizzy Roundabout, a guitarist in an Aboriginal dance band whose sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle contradicts his support for social justice and exposes his politically correct views.

Dry Crossing by Russell Guy can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $25.

Ky isn’t your typical seventeen-year-old girl. She’s an alien hunter.
Ky is one of the youngest and most skilled alien hunters Skywatchers has ever recruited. Lethal and focused, nothing can distract her from ridding the world of the vermin who murdered her brother. When she’s assigned a new recruit, Reece, she assumes he’ll be just like the others. All she needs to do is tolerate his existence until he’s paired with another hunter. Just another job. But it’s a little hard when he’s as stealthy as a drunk elephant. Skywatchers is what held her together when her world fell apart. Could Reece be the reason her life unravels once again?

Aphelion by LJ Higgins can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20.

Aurora knows the truth about her past. Just as she came to terms with the truth, she’s awoken at gunpoint by the very boy who has thrown her entire world off balance. He’s unpredictable and dangerous, and her group of rebels can’t let him go now. They have to find the final piece of the pendant, hoping that the one who holds it can tell them what comes next. Aurora soon learns that there’s more to her brother than meets the eye.
Confronted with someone from his past, Aurora knows her fate rests in his hands. But when allegiances are tested, is blood thicker than water?

Arcadia is the third book in the Secrets of Aurora series by L.J. Higgins; $20 from Gladstone City Library.

Aurora is haunted by her friend’s words as she travels to Elysium. Rescuing a group of captives gives them a spark of hope, and they discover information that could alter their chances of success. All they need to do is find the rebel group hiding in the fallen city – and hope they’re willing to help them reveal the truth. With their help, the odds of finishing what they started might just tip in their favor. But one mistake and they could end up dead, imprisoned, or worse: become slaves.

Elysium is the fourth book in the Secrets of Aurora series by L.J. Higgins; $20 from Gladstone City Library.

Ky thought she was killing the bad guys. Turns out, she was the bad guy. 

Ky’s on the run from Skywatchers, the organisation she’d followed blindly since the aliens invaded and her brother disappeared. Reece, one of the aliens she’d been trained to hunt, is the only person left she can trust. Just when her brother’s within reach, Skywatchers rips the chance of being reunited with him away. Can her brother forgive the horrific things she’s done?
Or will Skywatchers convince her to re-join their organisation?

Equinox by L.J. Higgins can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20.

Mia Walters is optimistic that her final high school year will be different. Tired of watching the cool girls from afar, she’s sick of being the stereotypical loser. When a new girl, Chelsea Saint, arrives at school with her sassy and confident persona, she offers Mia the very thing she wanted: the chance to be one of the cool girls. Soon, alcohol, boys, sex and drugs tear Mia in two. Caught between the good girl she used to be and the illusion of the person she wanted to be, Mia begins to lose herself in the new world Chelsea has introduced her to. Is it too late for her to be the girl she was before?

On Delicate Wings by L.J. Higgins is a young adult novel that can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20.

What does a girl do if she has a soldier husband suffering from PTSD, or an abusive boyfriend, a recently Goth teenage daughter growing more distant every day, a callous and unfaithful life partner, or a guilty conscience – and gluten intolerance – keeping her from the man of her dreams? She calls up her besties and vents over coffee and cake (or gluten-free brownies) of course. And sometimes, the results are surprising….

The Cafe Birds by Alicia Hope can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20

Josephine Dakota Modeen: Beautiful. Noble. Deadly.

Having passed the gruelling entry programme to become the first woman accepted into Australia’s elite Special Forces, and earning the Medal for Gallantry in action, ex-soldier Jo Modeen is left wondering what’s next. And for a civilian with her unique skills, the options are somewhat limited. When unexpectedly contacted by her old CO Ben Logan, now team leader with an Australian national security agency, she knows it’s not a social call. What she doesn’t know is how it will change her life….

The Modeen Factor is the first in the series by Frank H Jordan; this book and others in the series are available to purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20 each.

Things just got personal for NatSec agent Jo Modeen.

Australian security agencies are on high alert in the lead-up to the 2014 G20 Summit. But even NatSec Intel can’t know what the terrorist group ‘The Spear of Allah’ is planning, something ex-Special Forces soldier and now NatSec agent Jo Modeen is about to discover in a very personal way.  And for her, there’s more than national security at stake.

The Modeen Transformation is the second in the series by Frank H Jordan; this book and others in the series are available to purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20 each.

Something’s not right about agent Jo Modeen’s latest mission. But how can she question orders from team leader Ben Logan VC MG, a man she trusted with her life in the past and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again? She must decide whether to follow her orders, or her instincts. Under deep cover even from NatSec, Modeen’s team disperses to unravel the web of secrets surrounding the mission. It takes them from country Victoria to Australia’s national capital, and across the ocean to Kabul in Afghanistan. And into the heart of enemy territory….

Modeen: Black Ops is the third in the series by Frank H Jordan; this book and others in the series are available to purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20 each.

Not just a babysitting job.

For a visit to Cairns by the state premier, a small man with some big enemies, NatSec is called upon to assist with the protection detail. Agent Jo Modeen is assigned the ‘babysitting’ job, but when it becomes clear the stakes are higher than first thought, her old unit reforms to converge on what becomes a complex mission. One with dangerous links to the past….

Modeen Convergence is the fourth book in the series by Frank H Jordan; this book and others in the series are available to purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20 each

She’s going rogue, and going alone. Decorated ex-Special Forces soldier and now national security agent Jo Modeen struggles to come to terms with the fate of close teammate Troy ‘Wolf’ Wolverton. Critically injured during the team’s most recent mission, he lies comatose in Brisbane Hospital’s intensive care unit. The prognosis for his full recovery? Not good. Driven to pursue the organisation responsible, Modeen embarks on an unauthorised campaign of retribution. A campaign that is both personal and perilous. She’s going rogue, and going alone.

Modeen Rogue is the fifth novel in the series by Frank H Jordan; this book and others in the series are available to purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20 each.

Final testing is underway of a deadly new prototype.

As an attempted hit on Wolf and Modeen drags them back into the fray, the US Department of Defence is pressuring NatSec for additional on-ground surveillance at a high-tech Australian laboratory. There, testing is underway of the DOD’s latest, most advanced weapon. A weapon that must not fall into the wrong hands….

Modeen Redemption is book six in the series by Frank H Jordan; this book and others in the series are available to purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20 each.

Honour and truth are worth defending….

Modeen and other members of her old Special Forces squad find themselves subpoenaed to provide statements to a military inquiry into allegations of war crimes. After details of those allegations are leaked to the press, JustFacts Media trains its sights on the ‘tallest poppy’, Victoria Cross recipient Ben Logan. Did Ben and his squad blatantly breach the ADF’s Rules of Engagement while on deployment? Could this be simply a witch-hunt by the media, orchestrated to discredit the Australian war hero? Or is something more sinister at work?

Modeen: Rules of Engagement is the seventh in the series by Frank H Jordan; this book and others in the series are available to purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20 each.

The construction of three new liquefied natural gas plants in Central Queensland throws a spotlight on the industry, and sees Australia overtake Qatar as the world’s number one exporter of LNG. While Qatar struggles to regain its crown and other countries vie for a share of the burgeoning LNG market, a tanker is sunk in the Philippine Sea north of Papua New Guinea. Believing an international cartel is responsible for the attack on the tanker and that Australia’s LNG plants could be under threat, the CIA turns to NatSec for on-site assistance. With little to go on, Modeen’s team is deployed as undercover operatives. Their assignment: gather what intel they can, and suspect everyone.

Modeen: Flashpoint is the eighth in the series by Frank H Jordan; this book and others in the series are available to purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20 each.

The Devil Strikes Back is just one of a collection of stories in this book by Wayne Judge. These stories provide a mix of supernatural, satire, and comedy with a small dose of horror.

The Devil Strikes Back and Other Stories is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $12.

Craig’s entry into another world through a mysterious gateway was a shock, but one he was able to get used to and even enjoy but nothing prepared him to find his arrival was the subject of a thousand year old prophesy.

A World Away by Wayne Judge is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $15.

Hidden deep in the Snowy Mountains, lives a brotherhood of immortal Guardians, banished from the Heavens. After centuries of exile, Head Guardian Raven can taste Hell. One wrong move could destroy his soul. When Fate assigns him a female mortal to protect, his forbidden desire becomes a distraction he can’t afford. Tayla Eason is on the run, escaping a horrific attack on her life. When she lands in the arms of the sexy, alluring man who saved her, the shadows of her past swiftly close in. In an ultimate test of love, the two must battle against the almighty Fate. 

Unforsaken is the first book in The Fallen Guardians series, a paranormal romance by Cassie Laelyn; it can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $25.

Fate offers no mercy. Lethal Guardian Aric’s loyalty never falters. Not even when Fate exiled him and his brothers from the Heavens, separating Aric from his soulmate. He’ll do anything to reunite with her. But when Willow suddenly appears in the mortal realm, Aric’s greatest fear comes true—she’s no longer the angel he left behind. Since Aric abandoned her, the Heavens have become Willow’s personal Hell. When a Fallen offers Willow a chance to escape, she accepts. In a twisted battle of loyalty, trust and hope, what price will two soulmates pay for a second chance at love?

Unforgotten is the second book in The Fallen Guardians paranormal romance series by Cassie Laelyn; available from Gladstone City Library for $25.

Queensland, in the near future; the prisons are over-crowded and the convicts are sent to remote farms and mines as labourers. The prisoners are monitored by microchips but when they begin to fail, for violent criminals, the Keeper of Public Safety is forced to investigate.

All is Grist by Michael Lunan can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $25.

The Butler family are struggling on their Queensland farm during the 1950’s and ‘60’s. Money is short and their one-roomed, ramshackle home contains only the bare necessities. The family’s love and commitment remain strong as they cope with unscrupulous employers, gravely ill children, and being ostracised for their low socio-economic status. But without hesitation, they pour their blood, sweat and tears into their farm. When an invisible enemy taunts them, and threatens to take everything, they fight to the brink of death to save their livelihood and family.

The Fire in Blue is a rural family saga by Julie McCullough; the book is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $18.

A Watch in the Night combines psychology and symbolism, fantasy and folklore to create a drama with shades of spiritualism. Doomeerie Castle is shrouded in sinister legend. Jockim, the castle’s master, is tormented by his father’s cruelty and his lost lover. He is relentlessly driven by a stifling superstition that punishes with a harsh code of conduct. Talitha, a maidservant with a secret mission, arrives in trepidation with her spirit companion Pover, a devoted, yet unassuming bird. A sinister force creeps across the land in search of tormented souls. Fear ferments as the only way to escape the Oge’s ominous clutches is to keep a watch in the night!

A Watch in the Night by M. C. Melton is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $25.

A semi fictitious novel based on historical facts but embellished in part, following the early lives of two families. A glimpse into lives of the Jefferies and Olsen families, hardships endured, and life skills passed down – spanning the Great Depression, World War 2 and beyond.  The story portrays the Olsen brothers and pretty, tenacious Iris Jefferies as she grows up to discover romance and an eventual deep, abiding love. An unconventional union that withstood tragedy and time as they raised eight children, whilst living in the Australian bush.

A Spoonful of Rabbit Stew by Mona Oliver is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20.

Having survived The Great Rise which decimated the land, the former medical student has made a new life for herself under the leadership of the Authority. But her peaceful existence on the edge of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is shattered when she discovers a body floating in the waves. Unsure who she can trust, Katie embarks on a mission to discover the truth… even if it puts her on the same kill list.

The Rise is book one in the Drowned Earth novella series; the eight books are all set in a flooded Australia and each is written by a different author.

The Rise by Sue-Ellen Pashley can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $16.

How can you disappear, only to appear in a new location, and not know how it happens?

How can you have any sort of life if you can’t control when this happens? And how can you find the answers when you don’t even know your own name? For twenty year old Rhiannon Clarke, the last three days are all she can remember. But as she slowly starts to build a picture of her life, the questions are getting harder. Why is this happening to her? Why does the thought of her brother fill her with unease? Why does her father’s name make her break into a cold sweat? And who is the mysterious man in the bed?

Streamer by Sue-Ellen Pashley can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20.

The Earth was destroyed, but not before the Guardians of the Human Race could save a small number of newborn infants. A new planet was to be a new start for the children, but the planet was already inhabited. The children must grow and begin their new lives on Sentinal on their own, for their Guardians are dying.

Guardians Legacy is a fantasy novel by Cheryal A. Richards and is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $20.

Enter another world of spiritual awareness, reincarnation, lovers over two lifetimes and a busy commercial world. A post apocalyptic world after a global economic collapse and the challenges of starting life again, from basic survival to creating a new community with various ideologies including hopes for the future. A futuristic, fantasy, love story.  

Another World Another Life by Erling Stoldt is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $16.

Kate’s Journey is a biographical fiction novel by Graham P. R. Wilson. 

A historical novel about immigrants from Ireland and set in Queensland, New York, and San Francisco. 

This book can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20.

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Children’s Books

The Biggest Brush Turkey Nest in the History of Gladstone Tondoon Botanic Gardens, a picture book for children, is written by Rosemary Anderson and illustrated by Irene Sparks.

This book can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $10.

“Once upon a time, when the world was flat, and new, and there was no colour, there lived a tribe of people known as the Engari. The Engari were wonderful people, kind, loving, respectful… but in their hearts, they knew that something was missing from their world. You see sadly, the Engari possessed no colour to brighten their day, for the grass, the sky, the rocks, the trees, and the animals, were all the same… toned in either shades of black, white or grey. All this was however until the birth of a little girl named Kyra.” ~ back cover.

The Creation of Colour written by C. L. Burns, and illustrated by Janie Petersen can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $24.95 (book) OR $29.95 (book + CD).

The Polka children are headed for some “interesting times” while holidaying with their family, thanks to a cursed opal, the magic of a bora ring and the enchanting spirits of Australia.

Polka Dots and the Jolly Swagman is book one in the Spirits of Australia series by Angie Caterson. The book was written for primary school age children and is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $15.

Nobody expected to encounter bullies and kissing girls at the Outback Camel Races but they are not the only challenges awaiting the Polka Dots. There are ancient surprises in store for them at the second gateway into Limbo and some terribly big pests to contend with.

Polka Dots and the Bully Bunyip is book two in the Spirits of Australia series by Angie Caterson. Written for primary school age children, this book is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $15.

“Penelope Clegg is crazy about cats … and you will be too when you meet some of her feline friends. This delightful counting book is a good place to start with pictures of 55 quirky little cats spread across its purple pages. But which cat is your favourite? Can you choose?” ~ back cover.

Counting Cats is for children learning to count. Written by Penelope Clegg this book can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $15.

“So Can You! is an engaging and inspiring book about children, from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, who overcome difficult adversity and achieve their dreams. Written as a poem, the book’s style is as captivating as its content. With the intention to motivate and enlighten kids, So Can You! entertains young readers, while it encourages them to think about the future and their goals. No matter what challenge presents itself, anything is possible!” ~back cover.

So Can You! by Tanya Kalantary can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $15.

A Lovely Free Lunch is a story about frogs, for pre-school age children. Written by Ian D. R. Wilson and illustrated by Wendy Kneen, the book can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $10.

Dobby, a young Tree Kangaroo, explores and learns about his rainforest home. He meets other animals that live in the rainforest and learns important lessons from his Mother. The story is illustrated by vivid watercolour paintings.

The author visited a tree kangaroo carer in North Queensland. Spending time with Dobby, a young male learning about tree climbing, and Kimberley, a female with a young joey in her pouch, led to plans for a series of watercolour paintings for an exhibition. The paintings had a gentle narrative and developed into this book.

Created for children but appealing to adults too; Dobby, Young Tree Kangaroo, is by Margaret Worthington and can be purchased for $16.

A family of Barking Owls, the Two Woofs, have a mischievous son named Little Woof who goes on a journey of exploration through the Tondoon Botanic Gardens. He learns about his neighbours, gets into trouble, and eventually gains the wisdom needed to begin an exciting new life.

The children’s images used in this picture book were produced at Owl Journeys workshops by the Rainbow Valley Early Learning Centre and Police & Citizens Youth Club Outside Hours School Care students.

Owl Journeys by Margaret Worthington; it can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $15.

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Non-Fiction & Local History

From Burton Fleming to the Australian Bush provides a narrative account of Elma Cole’s life, as recorded by her daughter Brenda Beauchamp.


From Burton Fleming to the Australian Bush by Brenda Beauchamp can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for  $15

The Cornubia: Paddle Steamer, by John Billing is also know as The common seal of the City of Gladstone, Queensland.

This paddle steamer built for the coast of Cornwall, came to Australia & was owned by Ben Boyd. She ended in Aneytum, Southern Vanuatu, owned by Capt. James Paddon, whaler, sandalwood trader and then settler in New Caledonia.

The Cornubia can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $35.

A Woman’s Look at Camping and Cooking ($29.95)

“We have driven the Old & New Strzelecki tracks, Birdsville track and Big Red the Sand dune. Photographed the deserts: Simpson, Tirari, Sturt Stony, & Strzelecki. Plus many more memorable destinations!” ~ book introduction.

A Woman’s Look at Camping Cook Book ($29.95)

A second instalment of travel stories and recipes.

Both books are by Julie Bishop and Regina Jones and can be purchased from Gladstone City Library. 

BITS and Pieces: snapshots of the fledgling Boyne Tannum area ($22), can be purchased from Gladstone City Library.

“The oral stories and anecdotal history of residents of a region provides future generations with a snapshot picture of the past – the recollection of a bygone era. It may not be historical fact but rather their individual memories of events and happenings, sometimes embellished to ensure the listener remains interested or sometimes only partially recalled. These stories, however, are retold within families and at barbecues with friends and often are shaped by the feelings experienced by the tellers. This collection of stories of the Boyne Island, Tannum Sands and Benaraby area is long overdue and unfortunately many of the great storytellers of our area have passed on and their stories passed with them.” ~ back cover.

Native plants for Curtis Region Gardens by Calliope Soil Conservation Association Inc.

“Wherever we live in this country it is the bush as much as anything, that defines us as uniquely Australian. All of the plants in this book occur naturally in the Port Curtis region, many of them in habitats that are greatly reduced or endangered. We hope that by growing some of them at your place, you will become more aware of the bush that surrounds us and which is such an important part of our heritage.” ~ Foreword by K.R. Member C. S.C.A. Inc.

This book can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $8.

“In her quest to discover the true nature of the question, “Who is a Jew?” author Paula Clayman emphatically unravels many exciting historical facets while tracing biblical lineages and exposing their valuable contributions. You will better understand Jewish history and how Christianity rather than being a new religion is a continuation of the religion of the Jews as given by God. As a result, Christians will better understand their own religious heritage and their Jewish spiritual roots while the Jewish reader will see how Christianity arose from Judaism in its pure form.” ~ back cover.

My Sons Are Jewish by Paula Clayman is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $10.

This book contains over 100 photographs taken during the project, some of which were part of a gallery exhibition. “Looking back, depression was always there, in the background, progressing; until there was no space between the background and the foreground, until it surrounded me and permeated everything, then it just became the sea I was swimming in. That’s when I got told to get professional help… If it worked, would I start seeing things differently? So I started to capture images with my smartphone, with determination but no real plan, grabbing moments, scenes, when I felt like it, when something caught my attention or when it felt relevant within the context of my recovery process.” ~ book foreword.

The Sea I Swim In by William Debois can by purchased from Gladstone City Library for $50.

The Bridge to Canoe Point and Back (2014 edition).

“A 92 minute DVD capturing, at least, 83 different birds, 27 butterflies, many insects, colourful fungi and other flora, fauna, reptiles and crustaceans in the area from the John Oxley Bridge to Canoe Point. PLUS An informative DVD picture-slide show of those birds, butterflies, insects, fungi, reptiles, crustaceans and more.” ~ cover.

This DVD by Margaret Dolan can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $15. 

“What’s in a Name? Affords a fascinating glimpse into the stories behind the street names of the city of Gladstone. From the untimely death of the first Mayor and highly esteemed Postmaster, Richard Hetherington, who stumbled into the hold of the SS Queensland when delivering the mail at night, to the downfall of William Edward Hilliard, the sub-collector of customs and excise, who collected more than his share and subsequently became a guest of Brisbane HM Gaol on Petrie Terrace, these stories open up a window to the past and give the reader an insight into what Gladstone was like in the early days.”

What’s in a name? by Paulette Flint can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $30.

In The Reigning Black Sheep the author describes the struggles encountered after her young son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Agnes G tells of the experiences of raising a child she refers to as “different”, the paths she took, the lack of help available, and how that changed over time. Throughout it all the family was united.

The Reigning Black Sheep by Agnes G is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $27.

“The Gladstone Area Writer’s Group is a collection of aspiring authors, writers and casual scribblers, who come together once a month to share their literary creations as well as encourage and support one another with their craft. ” ~ back covers. These books contain some of their work.

Scratches & Scribblings  ($14)

Too Long For Twitter! A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry  ($17)

Both books are by Gladstone Area Writers’ Group and can be purchased from Gladstone City Library. 

Bookylicious: Gladstone City Library Cook Book; Still Bookylicious; Beyond Bookylicious.

“Many thanks go to all who participated in our BookyLicious Cook Book. Members of the Gladstone community, Gladstone City Councillors, Library Staff, Library Square Traders, and of course Library Members have submitted the recipes. All recipes are presented in good faith: some have even been tested on Library Staff. The Gladstone City Library takes no responsibility for the success or otherwise of any of the recipes in this book. Just remember that many contributors have cooked their recipe for a long time and had to remember the measurements needed. I have endeavoured to copy the recipe exactly as it was handed to me. I have only tidied it up a little. Enjoy your cooking.” ~ book foreword by Lisa Ryan.

All three books can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $5 each.

A Snapshot of Curtis Island contains beautiful photos and information about the landscape, settlement, flora, fauna, and island life.

“We hope this small window into the beauty, uniqueness, history and diversity of Curtis Island will awake a yearning in you to explore it and love it as we do.” ~ contents page.

A Snapshot of Curtis Island by Gladstone Conservation Council can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $15.

My Theory: Spirituality Versus Reality

“I believe if I had been given a book like this when I was young I would have been able to avoid making some of my mistakes. This book is about food for thought from a lifetime of accumulated knowledge and experiences, coupled with a good deal of creative imagination based on the mechanics of opposite energies here on earth which is reality. Even though it is a mixture of reality and theory I believe that most of it is close to the truth. There is no expert or scientific information in this book so I stand to be corrected on any of its content. If any of its content is closely related to the theory of others, I apologise.” ~ book introduction.

This book by Marshall Gunston can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $18.

“This book contains the lives & memories of many of those who lived, grew up & worked on the twelve scrub blocks in the Wooderson district during the evolutionary period of the twentieth century in Australian history.” ~ text from page 9 Introduction to Wooderson.

Wooderson District: a once prosperous little farming community in the Calliope Shire by Marshall Gunston can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20.

Wait Until the Dust Settles: a Trauma Survival Guidebook by Robyn Hannam.

“This guidebook is dedicated to the beautiful Boyne Valley, and to the amazing inhabitants who live, love, work and play there. You gave me a reason to live, as I battled with the trauma of new widowhood, whilst completing this guidebook in the year 2010. Thank you for bringing me to this time and this place.” ~ dedication page inside the book.

Wait Until the Dust Settles can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20.

Jimmy Harris is a prolific author of books about our region’s history, particularly the Cania and Boyne Valley areas. 

By Pick, Shovel, Gelignite and Hard Yakka ($15);  Early Chinese Presence in this Area ($15)

Gladstone to Monto by Road ($15);  Old Cania Goldfields – Gladstone Wagon Road ($15)

It all Happens at Garage Sales, Antique Shops, Swap Meets, Auctions and Rubbish Dumps ($15)

Many Peaks (formerly Nanandu) in its Heyday ($10);  Monal Gold and Mineral Field ($10)

Some Early Bush Graves ($10);  The Vanished Mud Flats Around Gladstone ($10)

Each of these books by Jimmy Harris can be purchased from Gladstone City Library.

Curtis Island’s South End: Going to the Island by Jan Hart.

Jan Hart’s migratory life, from island seascapes to outback landscapes, has taught her it’s only when we leave a place tat we come to fully appreciate it.” Born in Mt Isa and after many years in Victoria Jan Hart moved to the Gladstone region, where her grandparents, aunts and uncles raised their families, and “where she discovered the Island and its rich, endearing history.” ~ description from “About the Author” on page 3.

Curtis Island’s South End: Going to the Island can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $40.

Tondoon Botanic Garden opened in Gladstone in 1988. This book provides the history of the garden from its beginning to 2006, covering the development of the area into a beautiful recreational and educational facility for residents and visitors alike.

Discover Tondoon : the Gladstone Tondoon Botanic Garden story by​ Grace Johansen can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $10.

Boundary Rider, Brick Maker & Bard: the Life and Works of Robert Alexander Fairly is a collection of poems and short stories written in the late 1800s. The book also includes a brief biography of this Scottish-born Australian poet who wrote bush ballads and poems under the pseudonym of R. A. F.

Boundary Rider, Brick Maker & Bard by Jan Koivunen can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $17.

Betty Laver is a prolific writer of local history for the Gladstone Region. Some of her books are below with other on the next two slides.

Ancestral Pioneers of the Gladstone District – books 1 to 4 ($20 each)
Gladstone: Discovery and Settlement ($20)
Gladstone: the Progression to Industry ($20)
Gladstone Flying Boat Service & The Airport ($5)
Gladstone & Great Barrier Reef Nautical History ($15)
Gladstone Shops And Businesses – (book 1 $20 & book 2 $15)

Betty Laver’s local history books can be purchased from Gladstone City Library.

Betty Laver is a prolific writer of local history for the Gladstone Region. Below are some of her books; other titles include books about Gladstone, Calliope, and mining. 

Brief History of Curtis Island ($15)
Brief History of the Upper Boyne Valley ($15)
Rugby League In Gladstone ($12)
Rod Laver: The Red Rocket From Rockhampton ($15)

Betty Laver’s books can be purchased from Gladstone City Library.

Betty Laver is a prolific writer of local history for the Gladstone Region. Some of her books are below; others include books about the history of Gladstone, Upper Boyne Valley, and Curtis Island.

Calliope River Historical Village ($10)
Calliope and the Calliope & Boyne Goldfields ($15)
Pioneers Of The Calliope Shire ($20)
Glassford Creek Mineral Fields ($15)
Norton Township And Milton Goldfields ($15)

Betty Laver’s books can be purchased from Gladstone City Library.


“This is a bilingual book for learning Mandarin Chinese and English. Suitable for people of any age for independent study or as a classroom aid. Suitable for beginner or intermediate level people. A brief introduction to China and the Chinese culture. Chinese words are written in English with tone indications, so correct pronunciation is assured. Short lessons of two to ten minutes in length are also presented on the CD to assist learning Chinese or English.” ~ back cover.

The English Way of Learning Chinese by Fei Matheson includes a CD to assist learning and can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $50.

A biographical story about life and customs in rural Queensland almost a hundred years ago. Subtitled “Tales of a Boy in the Great Depression”, this book is about James Maizey’s life as a young swaggy in Queensland in the 1920s and 30s, At fifteen he became a  swaggy in the Queensland outback; over the years he took on droving, coal-rising, ring-barking, horse breaking and gold shining. The dangers he faced weren’t just the environment and animals, but people too.

The Orphan Swaggy by James Maizey and Claire Mitchell can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $15.

Wild Adventures: Curtis Island DVD by Johnny Mitchell ($49.95).

“Mix one man’s lifelong passion for film-making, 137,000 acres of island paradise, a dinghy, a camera, his willingness to walk anywhere barefoot and you end up with a unique story! Rich history, island lifestyle, sensational environments, wild animals, inspiring wetlands and so much more is packed into a two-hour adventure. If you want a sneak peek into one of Central Queensland’s inspiring ecosystems, this film will open your eyes to an extremely valuable environmental asset.” ~ cover.

This DVD can be purchased from Gladstone City Library.

Did ya know: a collection of helpful tips and useful remedies ($12)

Memories from the kitchen table ($15)

These small spiral bound books by Mo contain stories and recipes collected or remembered across the years. Stories from the days when the kitchen table was the hub of all conversation and problem solving. The recipes are a mix of old favourites and newer suggestions.

Both books can be purchased from Gladstone City Library.

Dutch-born author Peter Rutten tells his stories of the first fifty years of his life as an immigrant in Queensland. From his 1957 arrival in Sydney with a friend and immediately travelling to Queensland, to raising a family and telling his children about life in The Netherlands.

50 years in the promised land by Peter Rutten is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library for $15.

Kookaburra Shells: Port Curtis Literature​ by Robyn Sheahan-Bright.

“This collection of writing from Port Curtis in Queensland by new and acclaimed writers shows how the region’s literature can be descriptive of its spirit and unearth its past. It ‘lifts the lid’ on a history which has been kept all too secret.” ~ back cover.


Kookaburra Shells can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for  $27.50

Wind In My Hair is a biographical account of a Danish sailor travelling on a Norwegian ship to Australia. The book features tales of the many stops during the six month journey and later a bohemian lifestyle on Thursday Island, before settling in Australia.

Wind In My Hair by Erling Stoldt is for sale at Gladstone City Library for $16.

Birds of Boyne &​ Tannum​.

“This is the story of an adventure started casually; a plan just to photograph the birds found in my local neighbourhood at Boyne Island in Central Queensland. It was meant to last just one year. However, a surprise was in store as I discovered how many species there were, how fascinating their behaviour was and how difficult it sometimes is to photograph them. I have a feeling that this journey has only just begun.” ~ Page 1 of the book.

Birds of Boyne &​ Tannum​ by Bob Trask can be purchased from Boyne Library for $65.

A Rocky Road to Gladstone.

In this book the author “tells many delightful stories from his childhood and teenage years in Rockhampton before moving on to his time at sea and life as a country dentist in Mitchell. The latter part of the book describes the industrial development of Gladstone (1966 to 1987) from the viewpoint of a townsman who lived through the momentous changes that occurred. Again there are some classic tales from both the old and new Gladstone. Readers will learn of the challenges that industrialisation brought to the former ‘laid back’ seasonal meatworks town.” ~ back cover.

A Rocky Road to Gladstone by Graham Wilson can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20.

The Mud Crab Book by Kerry Wright covers how they live, how to catch them, how to farm crabs, and how to cook them. 

This book can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $20.

“Most of the poems in this book are based on my own experiences and what I have been put through. They are very touching and will most definitely touch your heart. Also there are a few poems in this book that I have seen really good friends of mine go through and they loved the idea when I asked them if I can write a poem about their experiences. With myself writing about these experiences, of mine especially, it will show people that you are not alone if you have been put through similar.” ~ back cover.

Poems of Life by Samantha Zarazinski can be purchased from Gladstone City Library for $25.

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Local Author Book Sales

The Gladstone region is home to many authors. A wide variety of non-fiction books have been written about the local area or by residents of the region. There are also many fiction writers living in our region; some write for adults and some for children. Gladstone City Library has a display of books by local authors with many available for you to purchase.

Price Lists: check the drop-down lists below (alphabetical by author) for titles and prices; click on a title to access it in our gallery for more information about the book. 

Anderson, Rosemary – The Biggest Brush Turkey Nest  $10

Beauchamp, Brenda – From Burton Fleming To The Australian Bush  $15

Billing, John – The Cornubia  $35

Bishop, Julie & Jones, Regina – A Woman’s Look At Camping And Cooking  $29.95

Bishop, Julie & Jones, Regina – A Woman’s Look At Camping Cook Book  $29.95

BITS – BITS And Pieces: Snapshots Of The Fledgling Boyne Tannum Area  $22

Burns, C.L. – The Creation Of Colour  $24.95 (book) OR $29.95 (book + CD)

Calliope Soil Conservation Association – Native Plants For Curtis Region Gardens  $8

Caterson, Angie – Polka Dots And The Jolly Swagman  $15

Caterson, Angie – Polka Dots And The Bully Bunyip  $15

Clayman, Paula – My Sons Are Jewish  $10

Clegg, Penelope – Counting Cats  $15

Debois, William – The Sea I Swim In  $50

Dolan, Margaret – The Bridge To Canoe Point And Back 2014 Edition  $15

Farber, Brian – Hitler’s Zeitmaschine  $30

Flint, Paulette – What’s In A Name  $30

G., Agnes – The Reigning Black Sheep  $27

Gallie, DL – Antecedent  $20

Gallie, DL – Liquor Cabinet Series  $45

Gallie, DL – Oasis  $20

Gallie, DL – Out Of Nowhere  $20

Gallie, DL – Seven Nights  $20

Gladstone Area Writers’ Group – Scratches & Scribblings  $14

Gladstone Area Writers’ Group – Too Long For Twitter! A Collection Of Short Stories And Poetry  $17

Gladstone City Library Cookbook – Bookylicious #1   $5

Gladstone City Library Cookbook – Still Bookylicious #2   $5

Gladstone City Library Cookbook – Beyond Bookylicious #3   $5

Gladstone Conservation Council – A Snapshot Of Curtis Island  $15

Gunston, Marshall – My Theory: Spirituality Versus Reality  $18

Gunston, Marshall – Wooderson District: A Once Prosperous Little Farming Community In The Calliope Shire  $20

Guy, Russell – Dry Crossing  $25

Hannam, Robyn – Wait Until The Dust Settles: A Trauma Survival Guidebook  $20

Harris, Jimmy – By Pick, Shovel, Gelignite And Hard Yakka  $15

Harris, Jimmy – Early Chinese Presence In This Area  $15

Harris, Jimmy – Gladstone To Monto By Road  $15

Harris, Jimmy – It All Happens At Garage Sales, Antique Shops, Swap Meets, Auctions And Rubbish Dumps  $15

Harris, Jimmy – Many Peaks (Formerly Nanandu) In Its Heyday  $10

Harris, Jimmy – Monal Gold And Mineral Field  $10

Harris, Jimmy – Old Cania Goldfields – Gladstone Wagon Road  $15

Harris, Jimmy – Some Early Bush Graves  $10

Harris, Jimmy – The Vanished Mud Flats Around Gladstone  $10

Hart, Jan – Curtis Island’s South End: Going To The Island  $40

Higgins, L.J. – Aphelion  $20

Higgins, L.J. – Arcadia  $20

Higgins, L.J. – Elysium  $20

Higgins, L.J. – Equinox  $20

Higgins, L.J. – On Delicate Wings  $20

Hope, Alicia – The Café Birds  $20

Johansen, Grace – Discover Tondoon  $10

Jordan, Frank H. – Modeen: Black Ops  $20

Jordan, Frank H.  – Modeen Convergence  $20

Jordan, Frank H. – The Modeen Factor  $20

Jordan, Frank H. – Modeen: Flashpoint  $20

Jordan, Frank H. – Modeen Redemption  $20

Jordan, Frank H. – Modeen Rogue  $20

Jordan, Frank H. – Modeen: Rules Of Engagement  $20

Jordan, Frank H. – Modeen Transformation  $20

Judge, Wayne – The Devil Strikes Back And Other Stories  $12

Judge, Wayne – A World Away  $15

Kalantary, Tanya – So Can You  $15

Koivunen, Jan – Boundary Rider, Brickmaker & Bard  $17

Laelyn, Cassie – Unforsaken  $25

Laelyn, Cassie – Unforgotten  $25

Laver, Betty – Ancestral Pioneers Of The Gladstone District: Book One  $20

Laver, Betty –  Ancestral Pioneers Of The Gladstone District: Book Two  $20

Laver, Betty – Ancestral Pioneers Of The Gladstone District: Book Three  $20

Laver, Betty – Ancestral Pioneers Of The Gladstone District: Book Four  $20

Laver, Betty – Brief History Of Curtis Island  $15

Laver, Betty – Brief History Of The Upper Boyne Valley  $15

Laver, Betty – Calliope River Historical Village  $10

Laver, Betty – Calliope And The Calliope & Boyne Goldfields  $15

Laver, Betty – Gladstone: Book One: Discovery And Settlement  $20

Laver, Betty – Gladstone: Book Two: The Progression To Industry  $20

Laver, Betty – Gladstone Flying Boat Service & The Airport  $5

Laver, Betty – Gladstone & Great Barrier Reef Nautical History: Book One  $15

Laver, Betty – Gladstone Shops And Businesses  $20

Laver, Betty – Gladstone Shops And Businesses Book Two  $15

Laver, Betty – Glassford Creek Mineral Fields  $15

Laver, Betty – Norton Township And Milton Goldfields  $15

Laver, Betty – Pioneers Of The Calliope Shire  $20

Laver, Betty – Rod Laver: The Red Rocket From Rockhampton  $15

Laver, Betty – Rugby League In Gladstone  $12

Lunan, Michael – All Is Grist  $25

Matheson, Fei – The English Way Of Learning Chinese (inc CD)  $50

Mccullough, Julie – The Fire In Blue  $18

Melton, M.C. – A Watch In The Night  $25

Mitchell, Claire – The Orphan Swaggy  $15

Mitchell, Johnny – Wild Adventures: Curtis Island  $49.95

Mo – Did Ya Know: A Collection Of Helpful Tips And Useful Remedies  $12

Mo – Memories From The Kitchen Table  $15

How to add your own book

Are you an author and a resident of the region?  If you would like to add your book to the Local Author Book Sales at Gladstone Regional Libraries please contact Sue at Gladstone City Library on 07 4976 6400 or complete the Enquiries or Feedback form (brown button) with details of how you can be contacted.


How to purchase a local author book

To purchase one of our local author books, or ask about about availability of stock, you can:

  • complete an online Enquiries or Feedback Form (brown button) and select the Local Author Book Sales type of enquiry 
  • phone Gladstone City Library on 07 4976 6400.

Payment can be made at the library by cash or EFTPOS or by phone (EFTPOS).

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