Volunteering at Gladstone Regional Libraries

Some volunteers come once (or more) a week, others once a month, and others prefer to assist at random. Whatever your preference we are happy to have you help! However, places can be limited at some libraries so please contact us about the possibility of volunteering with us. Our volunteers and Friends are given basic training and inductions at the libraries.

Gladstone City Library

Volunteers at Gladstone City Library become members of the Friends of the Library group. Friends participate in a variety of activities including: re-shelving books and other items, assisting at events, unpacking stock, preparing craft materials, tidying the library, and assisting with regular book sales. To volunteer at Gladstone City Library complete and submit a new volunteer form and our staff will get back to you.

Friends of the Library hold a book sale at Gladstone City Library a few times a year.

Other Council Volunteer Programs

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