School Holiday Programs and Events

Gladstone Regional Libraries has plenty of school holiday activities for all ages.

There are craft packs to take and make, a library hunt, craft workshops, movies, and technology classes. There’s bound to be something for you, or your children, to enjoy!  

Craft Sessions

Fostering a love of creativity and imagination, the library offers a range of craft activities each holiday period. Sessions range from free-for-all make it and take it (home), to guided activities to learn a new skill/art or craft.

Learn how to finger knit, do drag painting, big box craft, paper pots and grass heads, just to name a few previous activities.  Check each session for details as some require bookings. Children under 12 will need a parent/guardian present for the activity.

Check our What’s On to see what each branch is offering across the region.


Robotics/STEM Sessions             

It’s not quite the battle of the drones but Gladstone Regional Libraries offers a wide range of STEM based sessions each holiday period. Some of the previous activities held include:

Edison Robots – Compatible with Lego. Build your robot then fight/race until there is only one left

Mousebots – Build the maze and program your mouse to find the cheese

Ozobots – Colour code your way to programming with these little bots

R2D2 Droids – Follow the instructions to build your own droid

Scratch Jr. – Program your own computer game

Squishy Circuits – Electrify your play dough

VR Goggles – Bring your own phone to use for the full virtual experience

Check each session for details as bookings are usually required and for any age limitations. Check our What’s On to see what each branch is offering across the region.


Young People

After School Programs

eKids Online & Assignment Essentials 

First 5 Forever Programs

School Holiday Program


Upcoming Programs

For a full list of events or to check a specific date check our What’s On page