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CraftTime Videos and Instructions

Paper Cup Creatures


Scissors • Glue • Masking tape or sticky tape • Coloured markers • Paper cup • Goggle eyes or eye/ mouth stickers (optional) • Pipe cleaner • Patty Pans • Crepe paper or wrapping paper • Coloured card/paper

Cress/Grass Heads


Old pair of stockings or knee high stockings • Cotton wool balls • Cress or grass seeds • Paper cup • Goggle eyes • Coloured pens • Stickers (optional) • Scissors • Double sided tape or glue

Monster Bookmarks


Scissors • Glue • Pencils • Coloured card • Goggle eyes • Coloured pens

Playdough and Oobleck


Plain flour • Oil • Warm water • Cream of Tartar • Food colouring • Salt

Papercraft Puppets


Scissors • Glue • Pencils • Coloured A4 paper • Goggle eyes (optional) • Coloured pens

3D Christmas Tree


Scissors • Glue • Pencils • A4 Black or White card • A4 green paper • Coloured pens • Stickers (optional) • Coloured card or wrapping paper scraps

Elephant Trunk Blowing Toy


Square of Paper • Rectangle of paper • 2 x triangle white paper • Eye stickers • straw • Glue • Masking Tape • Marker