Educator Resources 

Gladstone Regional Libraries has a wide range of resources available for our local educators spanning pre-prep to grade 12 and homeschool or mainstream.

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Memory Kits

Created as part of Seniors Month with support from COTA Queensland, Queensland Government and Gladstone Regional Council the Memory Kits are lendable resource boxes containing books, music, items from yesteryear, and photos Includes conversation starter questions.

Available for loan from any Gladstone Regional Library for 3 weeks, the kits are designed to provide mental and emotional stimulation, to inspire conversation and to positively engage with Seniors.

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Museum Kits

Queensland Museum sends public libraries some educational kits twice a year for schools, home school parents, kindergartens, and childcare centres to borrow.  

The kits all have educational materials and connections to the Australian Curriculum, but institutions catering to younger children have also found them to be of interest.  The kits are loaned for a two-week period and can be delivered to your closest library branch for you to collect.

Contact Us for more information or to book your next kit.

Student Membership Partnership

Gladstone Regional Libraries are keen to work with schools across the region to ensure all students have access to a wide range of resources both physical and online to help with their learning needs. Our free membership gives access to a variety of databases which then allows schools to focus on providing other resources.

The process is a simple one for schools that would like to partner with us, parent/guardians fill in the form and it is returned to school where details are checked by administration. We’re happy for you to include the form in your enrolment pack if this makes the process easier for you. Once the school has a bundle of completed forms then we can collect them, join the students up and deliver a bundle of cards back to the school for distribution.

Contact Us for more information or to discuss your school’s participation.


Visits to the Library 

We’re always happy to have our schools visit their local Library. Library visits can be tailored to your specific class need or just come for a tour and a story.

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School/Kindy Visits

Can’t come to us? Well we’ll come to you. Our outreach staff are happy to come and visit your group to talk about a variety of topics.

A simple Storytime session for the preps, a beginners guide to gardening for all ages or information evaluation tips for secondary students we’ve got something for all.

Contact Us for more information or to discuss our next to visit you.

Professional Development

Embracing the Lifelong learning moto of all Libraries, Gladstone Regional Libraries are able to offer a variety of resources for educators ongoing professional development. Our eLibrary page contains a wide selection of online learning opportunities for all levels of experience.

The State Library of Queensland have created a portal for Curriculum-linked learning resources to assist educators  in finding State Library teaching resources across key learning areas.

Contact Us for more information to discuss the possibility for basic sessions in topics such as 3D printing design and printing, Visual Thinking Strategies, Oral Histories or BookTrailer/Digital Story creation.