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Friends of the Gladstone City Library are people from all walks of life who assist the Library in various ways. At the same time they enjoy the company of other people interested in the Library, and learn some new skills. Friends are volunteers receiving no payment for their efforts - only the satisfaction of a job well done!


The stated objectives of the Friends of the Gladstone City Library are:

  • To encourage and assist in the services provided by the Library.
  • To encourage preservation and study of the history of the district in cooperation with the Library, Art Gallery & Museum.
  • To conduct or assist in conducting social gatherings, cultural and educational functions and other kindred activities associated with the Library.
  • To assist in raising funds by way of book sales and other means as determined by the association to enhance the Library resources.

What do friends do?

Different Friends do different things.

One of the main activities is assisting with reshelving books at the Library. People interested in doing this are given basic training and 'induction', and are then (usually) rostered to reshelve at times convenient to them. Some people reshelve once (or more) a week, others once a month, others prefer to assist on an 'on call' basis. It is up to them.

Another activity is working with and developing the Local History collection.

Friends will also play a (limited) fund raising role. This will primarily involve organising book sales. Regular book discussion evenings are planned. From time to time special guest speakers will be invited. Various other social/cultural functions are envisaged.

Meetings of the Friends of the Library are held in the Library regularly. The meetings are kept as informal and enjoyable as possible. (Attendance is not obligatory!)

As you can see, there is something for everyone. You are welcome to participate in as few or as many activities as you wish.

How to join?

Please speak to a librarian in person or give us a call on (07) 4976 6400.

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