Review: Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies


Liane Moriarty

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book, although I don’t often use the e audio format. I tried the e audio because I couldn’t wait for the print version and I am glad I didn’t. I am usually a speed reader (I only read the interesting bits and skip over a lot of background material) and listening forced me to take in the whole story with all the nuances and whispers I would normally miss.

The mystery in this story is never apparent until the end of the book, which keeps you guessing as to whom the victim is and which scenario will end in someone’s death (maybe). The depth of each character is slowly revealed as the author takes us back through the circumstances which lead to the fateful Trivia Night at the local school.

Flashbacks can be annoying but Ms Moriarty hints at the drama in the beginning while leading the reader to the initial possible causes of conflict through chapter titles such as “six months before the trivia night” and “the day before the trivia night”. Whilst it is often difficult to separate characters when listening to one narrator I still enjoyed this audio version of the book.

Gladstone Regional Libraries has this book available in print large print and E audio through our E services provider, Bolinda. With the development of a mini-series around this title (starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley), now is the time to check out Gladstone Regional Libraries.

Reviewed by Wendy Ibbotson

(Circulation and Reference Librarian, Gladstone City Library)

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