Review: Every heart a doorway

Every heart a doorway


Seanan McGuire

Not all of us can be the chosen one. Few of us have a great destiny. The rest of us just live here.

This is one of those books that I always come back to when I’m not sure what to read next. Patrick Ness is an amazing young adult author who has also written for TV and movies. In this book he tells the story of a group of high school students who are just trying to finish high school and live their lives, while also avoiding whatever weird thing the Indie Kids have going on.

This is a great take on the stereotypical ‘teenage hero saves the world’ story where the focus is not on the alien invasion but instead on a group on normal kids. The invasion story is told through short paragraphs at the beginning of every chapter but the main characters are oblivious to most of these details. The two stories intertwine around each other without the lead characters interacting until the end.

Ness creates realistically flawed characters in his stories and I would recommend this book in either hardcopy or eAudio from BorrowBox.

Reviewed by Natalie Hinde

(Library Officer)

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