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Who can join?

Gladstone Regional Libraries provide a free library service to those who reside in the area.

How to join

All new members must produce proof of identity and residency in Queensland. This proof can be in the form of a rates notice, licence (with Queensland address), rent receipt or letter from your employer stating that you are living or working in the area.

Borrowers will also need to supply an alternative contact name and phone number (eg. employer, relative or contactable friend).

Persons under 18 years of age

Children need a parent or guardian to join them. The parent/guardian must produce proof of identity and residency.


Additional Information

Overdue items

There are no fines for overdue items although reminders are sent. However, warnings are placed on the membership card once items are a week overdue. Warnings remain on the membership card for one year and if the membership card receives 3 warnings are accumulated, membership is suspended for up to 6 months.

Damaged or lost items

If a patron damages or loses any library item they are required to pay the replacement cost. There is also a small fee for minor damage to any library item.

Out and About Timetable

July Wartburg & Rosedale 3rd, 17th & 31st
August Wartburg & Rosedale 14th & 28th
September Wartburg & Rosedale 11th & 25th
October Wartburg & Rosedale 9th & 23rd
November Wartburg & Rosedale 6th & 20th
December Wartburg & Rosedale 4th & 18th


July Nagoorin, Ubobo & Builyan 10th & 24th
August Nagoorin, Ubobo & Builyan 7th & 21st
September Nagoorin, Ubobo & Builyan 4th
October Nagoorin, Ubobo & Builyan 16th & 30th
November Nagoorin, Ubobo & Builyan 13th & 27th
December Nagoorin, Ubobo & Builyan 11th
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