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 Aboriginal Studies

 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

  1. ABC Indigenous
  2. Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies



Australian Flag Australian History
  1. Australian history - Australian Government
  2. Australian history
  3. Federation
  4. Australian Explorers (reference 1)
  5. Australian Explorers (reference 2)
  6. Australian Explorers (reference 3)



Online Encyclopaedias

  1. Encyclopaedia Britannica
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  2. Webster World 



Online Databases

Free Databases
  1. Online databases 
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Geography Geography
  1. Geoscience Australia
  2. Geography IQ
  3. How Volcanoes work
  4. Natural Disasters
  5. Tsunami Facts



Government Government
  1. Qld Government
  2. Qld Parliament
  3. Gladstone Regional Council
  4. Australian Government and Parliament
  5. Australia's Prime Ministers




  1. Historical Maps of the World
  2. Ancient Egpyt
  3. Ancient Greece
  4. Mesopotamia
  5. Ancient China
  6. Middle Ages



Online Images

Image Databases
  1. Picture Australia
  2. Picture Queensland




  1. Maths Online
  2. Cool Maths Games
  3. Count On
  4. WebMath
  5. Count Us In
  6. A Maths Dictionary For Kids



 Reading  Reading
  1. Vocabulary
  2. Funbrain




  1. Discovery Kids
  2. Brainbop




Australian War Memorial

  1. Anzac Day
  2. Australia in the Vietnam War
  3. Australian War Memorial